For Hybrid buds smokers looking for something different from their smoking experience, we offer a wide range of legal hybrid bud smoke products for the widest range of experience and taste. The following smokes are the "Extreme Legal Hybrid Buds" in the New Generation of Legal Hybrid Smoke. High Class Smokes for Refined Bud Tokers and Smokers. The most Superb Potent Legal Hybrid Buds Smoke that are a pleasure to experience. High Class Smokes for the Refined Bud Smokers and Tokers.

HAWAIIAN HYBRID BUDS - "direct from the hawaiian island"

Hawaiian Hybrid Bud Legal Hybrid Bud

Hawaiian Hybrid Bud comes direct from the island of Hawaii, freshly picked straight from the fields. Hand groomed and harvested from the richest soil in the world. Hawaiian Harvest Smoking Blend is unlike anything other marijuana alternative smoke you have ever tired! It has a great taste and smell that returning customers keep coming back for time and time again. Hawaiian Harvest Buds is a legal high quality and most effective legal bud, period! It has that familiar old feeling of euphoria and relaxation! The euphoria and calm will stay in the background while a more psychotropic effect eventually will creeps up on you and takes over according to many customers who have enjoyed this smoke it is a definite winner! One of the best selling herbal bud. Hawaiian harvest is an Ultra Fresh and Smooth Burning smoke that is best smoked in a pipe, but is great rolled with paper. Simply put this is an ultra potent bud that offers an incredible satisfying smoke!


BLUEBERRY HAZE HYBRID BUD - "smooth and an extremely satisfying smoke"

Hybrid Bud BlueBerry Haze Legal Bud

Blueberry Haze Hybrid Bud is a thick ultra good-looking herbal hybrid bud formed like hard little nuggets. These buds are well-cured and pressed together in a perfect manner. Probably the best compressed all natural hybrid we have ever seen. It keeps its shape, holds together and doesn’t come apart until you’re ready unlike many of hybrid buds on the market. Composed of 100% exotic herbs and botanicals this legal high quality bud produces a potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing smoke! Blueberry Haze has a classic scent, with a rich ripe blueberry aroma. It is a top quality all natural blueberry hybrid bud that is not only delicious as it is smooth and an extremely satisfying smoke as well. This smoke is very intense. Blueberry Haze offers a nice relaxed feeling overall with a delayed effect before it sets in, but once it kicks in, it is superb. This is one hybrid bud smoke with the qualities you look for in a strong Herbal Haze. Absolutely the best looking herbal bud we have ever seen anywhere by anyone!


PANAMA RED HYBRID BUD - "viva la alternative hybrid smoke"

Panama Red Hybrid Bud

Panama Red Ball is a philosophers type of alternative smoking. It is perfect for kickin' it with friends, mellowing out and contemplating whazz-up in this zany world of ours. It is a great smoke for first time or seasoned smokers who are after something unique. Panama Red Ball is wicked blast. Its made from a Botanical Hybrid Bud and is one of those type of nuggets you know is going to knock you out but you continue to smoke it anyway! 100% Legal Herbal Hybrid Bud. Definitely deserves to be among the Best of the Best Hybrid Buds. These beautiful tight, solid red buds will blow your mind. Panama Red Ball produces a flavorful smoke along with a pleasant aroma yet is an extremely potent smoke that will not disappoint you


BUDDHA'S SISTER HYBRID BUD - "potent and strong 100% legal herbal bud"

Buddha Sister Hybrid Bud

When you feast your eyes on Buddha's Sister Hybrid Smoke you will be totally and completely amazed. The touchiest critiques in the world are raving about Buddha's Sister Hybrid Bud. Who are they? They are the people who bought it, tried it, loved it and came back for more. What you like you will smoke...and you are going to love the taste and smell of Buddha's Sister Hybrid Bud. Buddha's Sister is an Ultra Potent and Super Strong 100% legal herbal bud. ...You've gotta try it! Buddha's Sister Bud uncanny appearance and familiar effect makes it a must have alternative for any herbal bud smoker. Starts out slow, creeping along, an absolute feast for the senses. A superb flavored herbal smoke with a quick kick


ON'O BUDZ HYBRID BUD - "one heck of a legal bud hybrid smoke"

Ono Budz Hybrid Smoke Bud

A Hawaiian Hybrid is organically grown in the rich fertile volcanic sole of one of the most exotic places on earth. Selectively bred and picked for their psychoactive properties. Real bud not pressed together herbs. This is pure herbal product - no additives or fillers Legal in all 50 states. On'o Budz is a classic and has a solid reputation and has become quite popular among those seeking a mild smoke with "strong results". This bud is Ono - Delicious, tasty, incredible, luscious, savory and one heck of a smoke!! After experiencing On'o Budz you'll be saying "Aloha" to all the rest. As they say in Hawaii "This Bud is Ono" - Delicious, tasty, incredible, luscious, savory and one heck of a hybrid smoke.



Legal Smoking Alternative Choice

What a fantastic introduction to the assortment of premium quality nuggets and hybrid buds. The only way to appreciate our unique line of exotic herbal buds is to experience them for your self firsthand. You wont' be disappointed with this scintillating hybrid bud combo sampler.

Since we offer a wide selection of legal bud, hybrid bud and herbal smoke with the widest range of smoking experiences and smoking flavors, sometimes for new bud smoker it's difficult to choose. Maybe your having a party and you're looking to save some money. Either way that's why we offer the legal bud special and herbal smoke combo deals below. By trying our bud samplers you're bound to find the ultimate smoking experience your looking for and save some money too. CHECK OUT OUR MONEY SAVING COMBO DEALS!



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