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Legal Bud Guide offers the most effective Legal Smoking Alternatives for the high-level smoker seeking a new intensity of smoking satisfaction. We offer the widest range of ultimate exotic smoking experiences with a wide selection of legal bud smoke blends. Our purpose is to provide only the most effective herbal buds, exotic hybrid buds and liquid extracts for the legal bud smoker with discriminating taste. Have yourself a totally unique smoking experience of the mind, body and soul with our internationally well known, smart choices of alternative legal herbal smokes. Legal Buds Guide's website supports the responsible enjoyment of legal smoking blends so use them responsible, do not smoke while driving or operating machinery.

You must be 18 or older to purchase smoking products. All smoking products ordered are for your own personal tobacco alternative, a smoking alternative, for research, education or propagation and no other use intended implied. Any smoking accessories such as; rolling papers, rolling machines, herb grinders, etc. are sold and intended for use only with our legal smoking products. Our Herbal Smoke Shop Products are not to be used in conjunction for any illegal purpose or substances. Our Legal Buds Shop products are not intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug and nor intended to mimic or imitate any illegal drugs or legal marijuana. They are solely to be enjoyed for their own amazing properties and still remain 100% legal.


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